Perhaps you have heard the word “Chanty” in one of your favorite songs or perhaps in some casual conversation, right? … In we will show you what Chanty means , what is its origin and how it is used. Do we start

Chanty is a word used in the street language of the Dominican Republic . Within this context the meaning of Chanty is “Teen Girl or Schoolgirl.”

The term Chanty is usually used to name girls between 16 and 20 years old, usually high school students.

Girls called “Chanty2” are usually portrayed as young girls, of good family and who like street boys.

Chanty origin

The oldest use of this word is in the English language, where it is called “Chanty” even a type of sailors song.

The song “Chanty” was designed to lift morale within a crew of sailors while doing forced labor.

In the world of music this word enjoyed great popularity thanks to a song by Dominican singer Nene la Amenazy.

“I was really surprised when I saw that the Chanty2 killed”

The Nene the Amenazy

This term has also appeared in several songs of the Latin urban genre.

Synonym of Chanty :

There are some words within the colloquial language that function as synonyms for “Chanty”, as is the case with ” Popi ” or “Lazy”.

For example, a “ Popy ” girl from a good family can also be known as Chanty.

Below we will show some examples of the use of the word Chanty .

  • “ The Chanty2 told me that she likes the album ” – La Colegiala told me that she likes the disco.
  • ” The little girl looks legal but is a Chanty2 ” – The girl seems of age but is 16 years old. “
  • “ My girlfriend is a Chanty2 girl ” – My girlfriend is a girl from a good family.
Other meanings that may be of interest: