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Definition of Chapiadora

Chapiadora is a word that has reached a high popularity index in the Dominican Republic, for that reason in we make known what this adjective is about.

The word Chapiadora is born directly from the term“chapeo”; which is native to the northern region of the Dominican Republic and means“cut boil”. From the 2010s on, the word chapiadora takes another concept, in which a woman who takes advantage of her beauty is defined as Chapiadora to try to get easy money and thus obtain other luxuries such as jewelry, clothing, carts and many other things.

The chapiadoras are clearly interested and materialistic women who usually have great attributes and very good skills. For example: a beautiful body and a seductive attitude that perfect to entangle their victims.

What is Chapeo?

The chapeo is now recognized as a type of prostitution, which is why chapiadoras are considered listed prostitutes. For its part, urban music has also contributed to the recognition of the term chapeo, being widely recognized in countries such as: Puerto Rico, Cuba, United States, Venezuela, Colombia and many more.

Today the word chapeo is not unique to chapiadoras, but is also used as a synonym for a person who seeks to extract money from someone else, either through manipulations, tricks or deceptions. For example:

  • I’m going chapie a little ice cream for John “

This connotation is to refer, that he achieved through his skills, that John would give him an ice cream.

Features of Chapiadoras

If we look into the statistics of the chapiadorasthey always seek as an easy prey older adults with many possessions and a great status in society. In this way they can benefit from their wealth and get everything they want.

The prototype of the chapiadoras is very easy to know, as they are extravagant women, with great attributes, wear very little clothes and adorn their body with earrings on their eyebrows and tongue. In addition, they use tattoos that incite morbidity and very unusual hair colors.

It is important to note that not because women wear earrings on their eyebrows and tongue or wear highlighting hair colors that are chapiadoras. Simply, these are characteristics that define these types of girls, although we want to narrow that the one who really defines the woman is her personality.


Since you know the concept of the word chapiadoras and you are a man with a lot of money, we will give you a recommendation! If you are approached by a woman with great attributes and very charming you must be alert, as it could be a chapiadoras who wants to wrap you up and take your fortune. See you next time!