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Definition of Chewpa

Chewpa is a word that at first glance does not say much, but its origin and meaning is somewhat curious. The Chewpa meaning comes from the Spanish expression “Chupa” which refers to the act of suck something.

Origin of Chewpa

On December 6, 2019, this word appeared as a product of a joke made to the “Fox New First” program where at the beginning of the program there was a segment about greeting people who turned years old that day. The joker greeted Amos, Casey and “Chewpa mi v%&ga” respectively.

It is important to clarify that the term “chewpa mi v%&ga” means sucking the male reproductive organ with your mouth.

The presenter “AshleySutton” was about to read the full name to congratulate, but fortunately she noticed the trap when she said the name “chewpa” and saw her curious last name. Ashley quickly did not continue reading, thus avoiding not saying that ingenious rudeness.

Quickly this joke came to light thanks to several people sharing the recording on social networks, pointing out that during the program an obscene Latin expression appeared on television, and all thanks to a skilled joker. Generating laughter among some and disgust among others.

The word Chewpa is born during the joking joke as a result of its pronunciation, since, in the English language, the letters W and U on specific occasions are pronounced the same. For example, the word “Twit” is pronounced the same as “Tuit” in the same way “chewpa” would sound the same as “chupa” in Spanish.

You know what Chewpa’s meaning in spanish