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Definition of Chiche

The word Chiche is a very common characteristic expression in Latin America, its origin dates from the time of the Aztecs and its connotation varies according to a certain geographical space. Next, we’ll show you what Chiche’s meaning is and its etymological origin.

Chiche is a word meaning “woman’s chest.” It may also refer to Toy, children’s entertainment. It is a singular term that in most cases is used in plural (Chiches), and its connotations continue along the way. Learn? Let’s go!

Chiche Etymology

This word comes from the Nahuatl or Nahua language (soft or sweet tongue) of the Aztecs; failing that, Chiche comes from chichimom, tit; has to do with the breast-feeding option. But if what you mean is sine in ancient Nahuatl, the right thing to do would be chichiualli.

Meaning by geographical region

  • Colombia: its linguistic meaning is vulgar, as it is used to mention the male reproductive organ (penis).

Example: Touch me the “XXX” ðŸ˜…

  • Guatemala: commonly chiche is used to refer to the breasts or breasts of the woman, but plurally chiches.This term is also used to emphasize the bulge present in either objects, plants or animals. In turn, it serves to say that “something” is easy.

Guatemala is one of the countries where this word can have the most meaning when it comes to communicating.

Example: that woman has big chiches .

  • Costa Rica: chiche is a recognized expression in this country to say that “something” is simple task to perform or contrast to say that it is not as easy as it seems.

Example: this isn’t so chiche

  • El Salvador: mostly used to allude to women’s breasts or tits, but also to highlight that some activity is easy to execute.

Example: My sister gives baby chiche

  • Mexico: chiche is used to refer to the female glands (breasts) capable of giving milk to feed newborns when they give birth.

Example:I’ll give my son a chiche

  • Argentina: in the north of this country, its meaning is tit(s) and it is known to use almost always in plural.

Example: you have firm chiches


It should be noted that this term remains very present in the word of Spanish speakers, each who contributes to nourish and give diversity to this word capable of occupying various meanings.

We are here to bring you the knowledge about the meaning of the words that make up the culture and environment around us Now you know the different meanings of Chiche!