Just by uttering this word comes to mind an appetizer full of chocolate, sweet and crunchy. Although it may have a slight relationship, the meaning of this term is more inclined to the bitter taste of people. Read and find out what it’s about!

Chocoso is a rude, bloody, bitter person or as the word says, someone“shocking”. This word is used by Latinos to define the character of a person who falls very badly. It can also be used to refer to a rich whipped bread, or a chocolate cake.

Spelling and Concepts of the Chocoso Word

Synonym of Chocoso: sanctimonious, rude, clown, unfriendly, annoying, chocolate cake.

It is important to mention that chocoso is a flat word, although it does not have an accent, its tonic syllable falls on the penultimate syllable. This expression has 3 syllas and is defined as a noun.

The word chocoso is used to describe something that tastes like chocolate. For example, the famous“chocoramo”, which are very chocosos and everyone loves it, or that delicious chocolate bread that makes chocolate lovers crazy.

  • Chocoso in the Galician language means something shocking and surprising.
  • In Chile it colloquially refers to a written payment order (check).
  • Likewise, in Chile, chocoso is defined as the better quality whipped-crunus marraqueta than the common one. The marracheta is also known as French bread.
  • In Mexico it is used to refer to a jocular person or clown, extroverted. It is also used to point to a pedant person.

Finally, the word chocoso is mostly used in South America and more insistently in Chile. It is another of the local expressions that have reached various nations enriching and generalizing the Spanish-American language. We invite you to consult the meanings of the different words that currently arise, through our library.

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