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Definition of Chon

Chon is a monosyllable used with more popularity in the world of science and on the island of the Dominican Republic . Here we will show you what is the meaning of Chon and some curiosities more related to this term.

In the first instance, when we talk about Chemistry, the meaning of Chon is the “Acronym for the essential components of organic life.”

In this way, the basic components of life are Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen, which, summarized in acronyms would be “Chon”.

Meaning of Chon in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic the term Chon has several connotations, so there may be more than one interpretation for this word.

One of the definitions of Chon that exist in this island, is the synonym of “Much”, being in turn antonym of ” Chin ” that is little.


“That’s a chon of food” : That’s a lot of food.

In the world of Dominican urban music, the phrase ” vamo para donde chon “, a characteristic phrase of rapper RochyRD, has gained great popularity .

Within this context the meaning of Go for where chon can be:

  1. – Synonym of the phrase “I’m going to hell”.
  2. -Go shopping for drugs with a dealer.

As an additional fact this variant can also be used as a pessimistic phrase about the impossibility of leaving home.


“I have a pot that I don’t even go to chon”: I can’t go out because I don’t have money.

Now you know what Chon means .