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Chopo is a derogatory term and is used to identify certain types of people. Here at, we will tell you the meaning of Chopo and what it means poplar in the Dominican Republic. Let’s go there!

The word is very degrading and refers to any person or thing that is out of fashion, very bad class, low-class, or ridiculously ugly, although this is not all that poplar means.

The term ” Chopo ” is derived from the English word “shop”; entered the country during the North American Invasion of 1916 in Santo Domingo, when the American soldiers adopted some ” shopping boys “; boys who were sent to buy their things, thus turning them into “errand boys “. A definition in the Dominican Spanish Phraseology Dictionary  says that  chopo or chopa  is: “Person who carries out errands, or domestic chores.”

What is a chopo in the Dominican Republic:

In Dominican slang, Chopo is a highly derogatory term with a high insulting content, which is used to refer to those people whose way of speaking and behaving, as well as their tastes, denote a certain distance with what is traditionally accepted by city protocol. It is the equivalent of the Mexican word “naco” or the Spanish ” cutre “. Chopo is also transformed into a verb (“chopear”) and can be used in things, but not in animals. For example, phrases such as “that goat is a chopo” will never be heard. Now that you know what chopo means, we invite you to have fun with the following content.

what does poplar mean
Source: Chopo-Es

 Chopo translation in English: Ratchet

Poplar Synonyms: Lunfardo, Cholo, Naco , Ignorante

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