The word chota is a term that is used throughout several countries with different connotations and meanings. Next, we will show you the meaning of chota and some additional information about this curious term.  

Meaning of Chota in Argentina

In the Republic of Argentina , the word Chota is used colloquially as a synonym for a certain male part related to virility.

Therefore, the meaning of chota in Argentina is “male male member”, Additionally This member is also portrayed in Argentina with the word “Poronga”.


“Miguel has a huge chota”: Miguel has his virile organ of a large size.

Meaning of Chota in Dominican Republic

The word chota is also used in the Dominican Republic , on this island chota also appears within the colloquial language of the country.

Within the colloquial context the meaning of Chota in the Dominican Republic is “Thing or person who does not serve.”

When someone is underperforming (especially in sports) the Dominican speaker refers to this person as a Chota.


  • “Juan Carlos is a safe chota strikeout”: Juan Carlos is a bad player sure he receives a punch.
  • “You are a chota, do not put one” – You do not serve, you can not give a basket.

Meaning of Chota in Puerto Rico

In the street context of this island the meaning of chota in Puerto Rico is “Person who usually betrays others.”

In Puerto Rico, Chota works as a synonym for Soplón or Delator, usually used to name those who inform the police about criminal activities.


  • “Pablo is a tremendous chota “: Pablo is a tremendous informer.

Meaning of Chota in Peru

In this South American country Chota is a city, which in turn is the name of a province located in the mountainous regions of that Nation.

Now you know what Chota means in Spanish