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Definition of Chuqui

It is likely that you have already heard the term ” be chuqui ” and as a consequence of that you are now wondering what chuqui means in the Dominican Republic. But don’t worry, because below will tell you everything you need to know.

The phrase ” be chuqui ” or ” bajé chuqui ” is used in the street dialect of the Dominican Republic as a synonym for being angry or looking for trouble. Normally, it is also used in informal conversations to refer to someone willing to do bad things or outlaws; such as fighting, robbery, driving at high speed, etc.

Summarizing the above, the meaning of chuqui has several interpretations, but its use can be summarized as “The predisposition to do wrong or misbehave”, which has a strong connection with the original character of the horror movies that he carries. Name.

Here are some examples of use.

“Today I am Chuqui, don’t talk to me much ” – In this case “Chuqui” is used to warn of a state of violence.

“We walk Chuqui in the street” – In this sentence Chuqui serves as a demonstration that a group is willing to give problems or behave violently.


The name Chuqui, Chookie or Chucky is a name originally from the English language. Created in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, “Chuqui” is used as a diminutive of the name “Chuck” which in turn works as a diminutive of the English name “Charles”.