You will be wondering  what Chuquiteo means,  a curious word that at first glance seems a bit strange. You have heard it in songs, informal conversations, radio programs or music videos, but of course this word has an interesting meaning that you will know in detail at .

The exact date on which this term first appeared is not fully known, but, in 2019, the expression gained strength among the  Dominican Urban Genre as  a result of its inclusion in various popular musical themes.

Meaning of Chuquiteo in Dominican Republic

The word Chuquiteo comes directly from the term ” Chuqui “, which has its origin in the character and main antagonist of the saga of horror films “Child  s Play”; nothing less than “Chucky the evil doll”

Taking into account the above, the expression chuquiteo refers to the action of ” Walking Chuqui ” which, in a summary way refers to “being in a state of predisposition to violence or crime.”

Some people identify the meaning of walking chuqui as “Walking in the streets in search of problems”

This term also refers to the use of drugs that cause a feeling of exaltation, aggressiveness and impulsivity.

This expression became very popular in 2019 along with other popular expressions such as “ Pampara ”, “ Trucho ”, “ Baje con Trenzas ” and “ wawawa ” that have become references in the lyrics of several songs and in the Dominican colloquial language.

Here are some examples of the use of Chuquiteo.

  • “ Today we are in Chuqiteo” – We are in the streets looking for problems.
  • ” I am a lover of chuqiteo ” – Enjoy causing damage and the use of violence. 

You know what Chuquiteo means .

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