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Definition of Cinderella

Surely you have heard this word a lot of times, even in different contexts and we know that you have your doubts, but calm, here we will explain the meaning of Cinderella.

Cinderella, traditionally, is a woman whose qualities or merits, for whatever reason, have not been recognized by others. With the passing of time the word Cinderella to adapted this means to other contexts.

Cinderella, can also mean, any social entity, any person, time and a number of things, which are obsolete, to be more clear, which no longer serve or are not of significant use.

For example, one of the ways this word can be used is to mention that a social entity is poorly operated or does not serve as it should.

  • The Justice of the people of Konoha, is the Cinderella of our country.


Cinderella is also the classic Disney princess “Cinderella”.

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