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Definition of Cizaña

When this word is heard, the first impression is that it is about something bad.

Cizaña, is a word colloquially used to refer to a person who hurts another, when an individual wants to look for problems, wants to “see the world burn”, rival a friendship “is doing cizaña” or is “Cizañero” .

Meaning of Cizaña, granted by a plant.

This definition has been given since there is a grass plant, whose scientific name is Lolium Temulentum and is born in wheat crops, generating toxicity.

This plant is usually confused with wheat since it can develop spontaneously among itself, but unlike wheat, this is a weed of nature that gives fruit to a toxic seed.

The flour produced by this seed must not be consumed by humans or animals or they could be seriously intoxicated.

This expression has taken long trips to reach what it is today in Spanish, it comes from the Greek zizánia, moving to Latin as zizanĭa and finally reaching Spanish as cizaña.

Both plants are approximately one meter tall with a straight, thin and long stem, both develop seeds and are green in the growth stage, which is why they can be physically confused.

Meaning of Cizaña, granted by the bible.

This word has biblical origin, specifically from the New Testament in the Gospel of Saint Matthew, in which it speaks about “The parable of the wheat and the cizaña”.

In the parable, when they talk about wheat they are referring to a noble, loyal, and kind person who can enter the kingdom of heaven because they are on the merciful path of God.

On the contrary, when they refer to cizaña , they talk about a bad and dishonest person who tends to consecutively harm his neighbor regardless of anything, only destruction.