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Definition of .com

“.Com”, a term that has almost always been directly associated with the internet and found on the websites that billions of people use every day, but despite that, not many people know the true meaning of .com . Next, in we will show you what .com means and what its origins are.

.Com as such is not a word you can search in a dictionary but the name of the most used domain on the internet. The meaning of .com is born from the first three letters of the word “Commercial”.

The origin of .Com takes us to the year 1985 where it was first used. In those years, its use was intended to contain only commercial websites, so he chose “Com” as the name of this domain.

In Parallel other web domains were also created as was the case of .Net that abbreviated the word Network and was intended for general web pages. Or “.Org” which was the domain intended for organizations.

The use of .com as we know it today is born in the 90s, when it was released for public use in the middle of this decade.

The aforementioned means that all kinds of internet sites could be hosted in the “.com” Domain without the need to be commercial pages.

Thanks to its public release, “.com” became the most common web domain for internet pages, with approximately 100 million pages with this domain.

During the “Bubble of” .Com “in the late 90’s A lot of popular websites were born that used the domain” .com “as is the case of” “,” “,” Amazon .com ”,” ”, among others.

Not only web pages use the termination “.com” but also email services, which use “.com” at the end of the email address in almost all cases.

You know what it means .com