The word Coñazo is a typical insult of some countries such as Spain and the Dominican Republic , naturally it works differently in each country where it is used which leads to several possible meanings and that is why we will now tell you the meaning of Coñazo and what is its origin .

The origin of coñazo comes from the union of “pussy” and the suffix “Azo” which works as an amplifier or a synonym for a hit in many cases.

For example : Tablazo (Strike with Tabla) or Locazo (Gran loco) respectively.

In this way, we understand that the meaning of coñazo in the Dominican Republic is “Amplified pussy, or strong blow.”

Meaning of Coñazo in Dominican Republic

In Dominican Republic the term coñazo is used when you want to magnify the typical insult known as “pussy.”

As we saw, this type of use appears when the speaker feels that a simple insult “pussy” is not enough to be able to express his discomfort correctly.

In this way the suffix Azo is added to enhance it and form a more powerful and forceful phrase.


  • “Coñazo don’t fuck so much!”: Damn it, don’t bother so much.
  • ” But Coñazo and what is “: But Damn and what is it?

Another possible use of Coñazo in the Dominican Republic is synonymous with a blunt blow.

When a person strikes a strong blow or rather it is he who attacks this blow, he is known as “Coñazo.”


  • “Yesterday I suffered a fall and I put a coñazo”: Yesterday I fell and hit myself.
  • “Pedro was coñazo”: Pedro was hit hard.

Meaning of Coñazo in Spain

In Spain, the term coñazo is also of great use among Spanish speakers.

Thus, the meaning of Coñazo in Spain is “Situation, person or thing of annoying and unbearable character.”


  • “This life is a coñazo”: This life is very hard.
  • “What a day coñazo”: What an annoying day.
Other meanings that may be of interest: