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Definition of Concepto

The concept is that thought of how something or someone would be. It is the way of thinking about something, and it consists of a type of evaluation or appreciation through an expressed opinion, for example, when a judgment of something good or bad of someone is formed, although that is not all that concept means.

The word concept  was taken from the late Latin conceptus , from the Latin concipere which means “to take, conceive, receive.”

It is often applied to a theoretical idea in science: Einstein’s contribution to the concept of relativity.

concept is an idea conceived in the mind.

Synonyms of Concepto:

  • Idea:  Mental representation of something.
  • Judgment: Judging someone by a concepto or appearance.
  • Notion : Having an idea that something is somehow.
  • Thought: Imagine how serious it would be.
  • Opinion: Give a comment on how you think something is.
  • Reputation: It is the concepto that someone has of you.
  • Fame: The reputation you have.

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