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Definition of Copywriting

Copywriting is an English term that in its translation into Spanish means “ advertising copywriting ”. It is the profession that corresponds to a copywriter and that lies in the writing of texts for different media with the aim of achieving sales.

Origin and composition of the word Copywriting

The word copywriting is estimated to have been born around the 13th century. It is made up of two terms that have the following connotation: ” copy ” which follows from ” copiae ” in Latin and is related to ” abonanza ” or ” effectiveness “, and, on the other hand, is the term ” writing , which represents the act of writing.

This results in the meaning of ” effective writing ” or, in today’s context, as ” copywriting “.

Copywriter and function

The copywriting is a task that is in charge of a copywriter (advertising copywriter ) or also called by the diminutive “ copy ”.

These writing professionals are in charge of designing targeted texts and using persuasive techniques to achieve a goal in their readers.

Defining the specialties seo copywriting and ux copywriter

Currently, the trade of copywriting has taken a great boost due to the growth of digital media, giving way in turn to new specialties. Some of them are:

Seo Copywriting

“Seo” is the acronym of search engine optimization means search engine ranking .

In this sense, this variable is about an advertising writing technique that, without losing the sales target, also seeks a good positioning on internet networks.

Ux Copywriting

The acronym UX stands for the word ” User Experience ” which means ” User Experience”.

For its part, ux copywriting is a specialty of copywriting dedicated to the creation of texts on websites and applications, which provide satisfaction to the user while browsing them.