It is a very expressed word in the urban dialect of the Dominican Republic . “Corito sano” refers to a group of friends with good manners and fun .

The word “corito” , in addition to being used to define a segment of a musical track , is also very common to indicate a group of friends. Hence its use in conjunction with the word sano .

Likewise, on the island the term choir is also used to replace fiesta, rumba or parranda.

Connotations of the word Corito

“Corito” is a term to indicate a naked or scantily clad person . It also serves as a synonym for shy; a slow person who does not do things out of shame. Pusillanimous.

In countries like Venezuela, the word corito is expressed as a synonym for favor.


“Hey Jaime, I need you to make me a corito!” (I need you to do me a favor)

In oenology, they are known as “corito” , the workers who transfer the skin along with the grape must from the press to the vats.

Corito comes from the Latin corium which is equal to ” skin” ; it means ” in leather or naked “.

Song of Tempo Corito Sano

In the musical sphere, “ Corito sano ” is the title of a musical theme performed by the Puerto Rican rapper Tempo and Miky Woodz with Randy Nota Loca . His remix version is part of the album ” Back To The Game ” of 2018, and with him, Elysanij, Randy and Ñengo participate.

Other meanings that may be of interest: