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Definition of Coronao

The term Coronao is often used colloquially in the Dominican Republic, generally in urban settings where this kind of word is the rule. Read on to learn more about the meaning of coronao .

In the Dominican Republic, being Coronao means being in an advantageous or increased situation, it can also be a synonym of well-being.

In this context, it is often said that someone who this Coronao is enjoying certain benefits, luxuries or advantages.

Coronao can be used as a synonym for Victorious or Winner.

Here are some practical examples of use of the word Coronao in its various contexts.

  • “Alfredo is Coronao” –  Alfredo has a lot of well-being.
  • ” I’m Coronao at my job ” – I’m doing well at my job.

Origin of Coronao

This word has its origin in the board games of Checkers and Chess where a piece was crowned when it reached the end of the board.

After the coronation, this piece is transformed into a Lady or Queen depending on the game where it is used, thus acquiring a royal status.

In this context, being crowned has its roots in the life of kings and queens, which was luxurious and ostentatious.


  • In 2019, the Dominican Urban Exponent El Alfa el Jefe launched the song Coronao Now in collaboration with rapper Lil Pump , who enjoyed great popularity.