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The word Creepy means weird, unnatural or something that scares or scares you, but that’s not all that creepy means. Here at, we are going to tell you all the meaning of creepy.

This word has varied during the time but now creepy is said to a disturbing thing, especially due to a gloomy or evil behavior , something sinister. Unfortunately, this is a word that has been adopted by women to insult and punish men they find unattractive for “daring” to have the courage to speak to or approach them. 

 This is not creepy

Origin of the word Creepy

No, it does not come from minracraft; the origin of the word creepy comes from 1794, “characterized by crawling”. it means “to have a creeping feeling in the flesh” is from 1831; that of producing such sentiment, the main modern sense, is from 1858. Creepy-crawly is from 1858, which means to terrify you, scary.

You already know what Creepy is.