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Definition of Cuero

Cuero is a word that at a glance we relate to the skin of a specific animal, but in countries like the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Colombia , this word has a much deeper meaning. Next we will tell you what cuero means and what its different connotations are.  

Meaning of Cuero in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic the word cuero is a term that refers to the well-known women of “the good life”.

In this context the meaning of cuero is “Prostitute or easy woman”, at present this term not only designates prostitutes but is also used as an insult.


  • La noche pasada fui a coger cueros.  –  Last night I went out to hire prostitutes.
  • Tu amiga es un cuero malo   Your friend is an easy girl.

Also, this word has evolved creating derivative terms like “Cuerillin” to name very young and easy girls.

Some synonyms of cuero within the Dominican dialect can be plane, chapeadora and Rabandola.

Meaning of Cuero in Colombia

In Colombia, the term cuero comes from the world of music, being a synonym for percussion instruments based on animal skin.

In places like Cali in Colombia, the meaning of cuero refers to the instrument known as “Conga”.

The conga is made of wood and animal cuero, but it is specifically on the cover of cuero where musicians perform percussion.

This action of touching the conga is known as “Give to the cueros”.

Meaning of Cuero in Venezuela

In Venezuela, a good-looking woman with a sculptural body is called cuero.

For example:

  • That Sasha is a cuero –  Sasha is a very pretty woman.

Now you know what cuero means