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Colloquial expressions often appear to manifest a mood, give a particular explanation, or simply to expose a person for their good or bad action. “Dame Banda” is a well-known and used word daily, would you like to know its meaning? 

Dame Banda is a colloquial expression in the Dominican Republic that means give me peace of mind, leave me alone or don’t with me. Likewise, “dame bandola” is also used as a synonym for Dame Banda. And in the same way “Te solté en Banda”, which means something similar to “I left you” or “I left you alone”.

Its main meaning is “demand peace of mind”, but this popular expression can also serve in different contexts that we show you below:

  • “She gave that guy a banda because she didn’t want him.” She left him.
  •  “Dale Banda to that business that doesn’t suit you.” That he walks away or throws back that business, he doesn’t bring anything good, he doesn’t look good.
  • ·”Te solté en banda”. It’s when you walk away, or you stop do without something or someone. “Te solté en banda Manolo” means that woman “thrown Manolo” doesn’t want it anymore. Poor Manolo!
  •  “Dame Banda, do what you want.” He got tired, he’s had enough of putting up with a situation or circumstance, wanting freedom, peace of mind, etc.

Dame Banda according to the SAR

The definition of Banda for the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy translates into an “elongated strip, which goes from end to end of the surface on which it appears and which is distinguished by the contrast of its color”.

However, Dame banda does not have its recognition, yet this expression has the endorsement of Dominicans, who have made it a very popular word and is part of their day to day.

Some dame banda curiosities

In January 2018, urban genre artist Jairo Matos Cuevas, better known as El Super Nuevo, premiered a video on the YouTube platform called “Dame Banda”. managing to record to date almost half a million visits on that platform.

The artist Odalis Pérez, known in the urban genre as “Secret the Famous Biberón”, also premiered a theme song in the company of “Mark B “called Dame banda, this was in June 2019.

In Venezuela the word Dame banda meaning amount, example: “Give me love in band”, to refer to that he asks for much or enough love.

It is said that the word banda is associated with the thread used to fly a chichigua or kite, if it was cut, people would say, “se fue en banda”. This expression evolved and acquired different appreciations.


It should be noted that there are several Dominican and Spanish-speaking artists who have included the word Dame banda in their different musical works. His identity with people and everyday life has earned him a fairly high acceptance among the urban genre and his followers.

The Wan Shi Tong Library no se da banda and continues to scan phrases, terms and expressions to add to your repertoire, so you can keep up with the different jargons that make up our wide universe of words.