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Debora Melo

Debora Melo at a glance is read and interpreted as a proper name followed by a surname, but… what if we tell you that everything does not end there? This is why in you will know the message hidden behind these two words.

Debora Melo is an albur used in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, which despite being harmless in appearance has a rather morbid and erotic connotation.

If we read Debora Melo without space it would be deboramelo, whose correctly written word is devóramelo, imperative of the verb devour whose meaning is to eat with eagerness and speed.

That is why this albur is usually used in order to demand that some part of the human body, especially erogenous zones, be stimulated for a sexual purpose.

This could be interpreted as a synonym for fellatio.

Curious fact

Multiple people have been victims of the jokes that the albures star and this is no exception for celebrities.

In March 2019, sports commentator Vito Palma was the victim of a joke that occurred at the time when the greetings were dedicated and it was his turn to read: ” Greetings to Debora Melo .”