Whether for a movie, for a comic or for a youtuber, but we are sure that you are curious to know what is the meaning of Ded. Here at  Que-quiere-decir.com, we will solve all your doubts.

The first thing you should know is that it is not a word, it is an abbreviation of a name. It is known as an abbreviation for the reduced form of a written word or phrase used instead of the entire word or phrase.

Let’s see 5 simple examples of abbreviations, which are used in the english language :

  1. abbrev.:  Abbreviation.
  2. b. C .; b. From C .:  Before Christ.
  3. A .: high king .
  4. (a):  Alias.
  5. aa. vv .; AA. VV .:  Various authors.

The Meaning of Ded

DED, comes as an abbreviation for Daredevil, and although we know that daredevil is a fictional superhero who appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, likewise, this name is used by Victor Paul Calderon, a Mexican who works as youtuber and streamer video game and entertainment content creator. It has 2 channels, DEDelded.

Victor Paul Calderón , is better known as dedreviil  or  elded , and is easily recognized for his phrase “Ira Well”. It already has more than 4 million subscribers on one of its channels.

What does DED mean

You already know what DED means