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Definition of Desafiliado

You are curious to know the meaning of Desafiliado , right? … That’s why you are here in fact. Don’t worry, here at we will tell you the meaning of this word.

The word “desafiliado” comes as a denial of Affiliate; word that means “Person or Institution that is enrolled in some type of organization or service”,

Desafiliado means the exact opposite of “Affiliate”, defining himself then as “natural or moral person, who has separated from an organization or party to which he was previously registered.”

In legal terms, a Desafiliado, at the time of separating from his previous affiliation loses the rights and duties that he held in this. Among them, respect previously imposed oaths, rules and policies.

What is Desafiliado

Desafiliarse is the act of separating or abandoning a company name or organization, to which you were previously affiliated.

This word is born from the union of the prefix “Des” that indicates separation or negation and the verb “Affiliate” which is defined as, union or inscription to an entity with specific characteristics.

Currently, this word is widely used in the world of business and politics, with Affiliations and disaffiliations being relatively common among these lines.

There are several types of “disaffiliations ” Among them are:

  • Religious disaffiliation: which is defined as the process in which a person abandons a certain religion or faith.
  • Political Disenrollment: which we define as the detachment of one or more individuals from a political institution or some social cause.
  • Sports Disenrollment : is one that is carried out when a game is separated from any league or organization to which it has previously belonged. One of the most controversial cases is the disaffiliation of the “Tiburones de Veracruz” club in December 2019, in which said sports club was separated from the Mexican Soccer Federation.