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Definition of Desestima

Desestima, feminine noun that comes from the verb desestimar, means to deny or disdain something. Stay at so you know everything about this term.

Desestima is the lack of interest in something to someone or the denial at the request of an application. 


  • The Central Electoral Board rejected the request for surveillance cameras in the upcoming elections. 
  • My mother desetima all my opinions. 

Important to know …

In law, the word desestima is used to indicate when a request or proposal has been denied. 


  • The judge dismissed the appeal request.

This is closely linked to the legal and administrative field since cases, petitions, requests, among others, are usually dismissed.  

In human relationships it is disestima when a person feels lack of affection towards another. 


  • Refuse
  • To refuse 
  • Discard
  • Deny 
  • Disapprove
  • Disdain 
  • Despise
  • Disparage 

 In other languages…

  • French bad estimer
  • Italian will distinguish
  • Portuguese despise 
  • German wenig respeltiere


Desestima comes from a transitive verb to dismiss, this means that this verb expresses an action on the predicate. 

To dismiss as a verb originates from the verb to estimate from the Latin aestimare.

Desestima is the combination of a prefix that in this case is des that indicates provation of something and estimate.