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Definition of Diache

Diache is a term widely used in Latin American, especially in the Dominican Republic, Chile and Puerto Rico, although if you are here it is because you have doubts about the meaning of diache, but calm here we will explain what diache means

The word Diache is used to express amazement at a fact; express disappointment or discontent with something, admiration, all depending on the moment and the tone used.

Diache is a combination of “devils” and “shit”, and like other popular expressions, this is beginning to be used to replace the typical “devils” or “shit” as a form of expression, since this is not a bad word .

Now we will show you some examples of how this expression can be used:

  • Diache Josue, don’t tell me that Maria’s dog died.
  • I burned on the exam; Diache … my mom is going to scold me.

You know what diache means