The word Djadja is a label that credits urban music singer Aya Nakamura for her popularity .

This term is used as a noun that seeks to describe a “street man” whose goal is to have many women.

Similarly, Djadja is used to refer to a person who has bad behavior with his partner , including being insincere and trying to hide infidelities.

On the other hand, the word Djadja is used as part of the expressions of the feminine gender to label a macho man who always seeks to look good .

The men to whom this label is attributed, tend to lie based on the number of women who have had sexual relations with them, they even point out as “easy” or “prostitutes” to women with whom they have not been related.

Djadja in spanish

Based on the way this term is written, it is derived from the French word “Djà” , whose translation into Spanish means “Now” or “ready” . This is also used in sentences such as: Je prends djà ce medicament, which means: I am already taking this medicine.

The word Djà when being used consecutively by women became a label or nickname . This when responding to very insistent men: “djà, djà”, something similar to the expression in Spanish “ready, ready” or “ok, ok”. These expressions are frequently used to end a conversation that in some cases turns out to be uncomfortable.

Words similar to Djadja

There is a wide variety of terms that are part of the group of labels that are generally placed on unfaithful men. Such is the case of the word “Don Juan” , which refers to a handsome man who seeks to conquer many women but not be faithful to any of them.

Also, there is the term “Playboy” used to describe a man who seeks to conquer and play with women by lying and offering things that he will later fail to do.

Other meanings that may be of interest: