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“El final”, a phrase that is a vital part of the colloquial language of the Dominican Republic. Next, in we will show you what El final means , how it is used and what its possible origins are.

In the colloquial language of the Dominicans, “el final” is a term used to name a person or object that has reached the end of something in particular.

When talking about extremes, it could be positive extremes or negative extremes depending on the case.

Therefore, someone or something that is el final can also be the worst, even so, the positive form of this term is generally used.

It is believed that the expression el final derives from the famous phrase “The last Coca-Cola coca in the desert”.

In the Dominican Republic the phrase “The last Coca-Cola” was reduced to the phrase “The last”, which over time became “El final” or ” 8fi9 “.

This phrase ended up evolving and becoming a synonym for recognition, rather than one of criticism as it was at the beginning.

Next, we will show some examples of how the phrase el final is used.

  • In women ‘I am the blessed end of the doll-  I am the best courting girls.
  • I fall and you heal, no, no, you are el final –  I fall and laugh, really you are the worst.
  • That movie we saw was el final de lo finale . – The movie we saw was the best of the best.

Now you know what el final means in Dominican Republic