Emojis are those small drawings that we use in our day to day through technological devices; especially in social networks, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Facebook, among others.

The word emoji derives from Japanese by combining two words: e (drawing) and moji (character or symbol).

The first was the heart emoji, used in 1995 on a Japanese messaging service called Pocket Bell. Although it can be considered to be the first emoji to be recognized, it is not clear whether this was the first emoji to exist in the world of technology.

Difference between emoji and emoticon

It is important to know that emoji and emoticon are not the same thing, despite the fact that we use them with the same intention: to communicate facial expressions, gestures, objects, among others.

An emoji is a small color drawing with a Unicode value; emoticons, on the other hand, are formed from the combination of punctuation marks, letters, and numbers that are usually read from left to right.

Smileys most used in recent years are : v , known as the famous Pacman , 3 expressing the smiling face of a cat, and XD it means dying of laughter . As you can see, emoticons are characterized by being made up of punctuation marks, letters and numbers.

Emoticons originate in 1982 from a smiley face, the product of an unknown question posed by a group of physicists of the time: “How could irony be expressed in written communication?” Thus, one of these physicists typed the following set of signs on his keyboard: 🙂 .

Other meanings that may be of interest: