Emuná is a religious expression that has a broad relationship with the word faith, which in turn is defined in trust/believe. It has a connotation full of spirituality and conviction. We invite you to know more about it.

Emuná means faith or a set of beliefs that a person or group of people has. It is also known as a spiritual discipline that provides the awakening of an open and limitless mind. The Hebrew word Emunah is synonymous with Firmness, Fidelity, Faith, Amen.

Emuná as Spiritual Discipline

According to theological sources, Emuná is the belief that you define subjectively based on sacred scriptures, and not to follow the beliefs or convictions of others. Considering this last statement as misrepresented.

In this context, the word encompasses a spiritual discipline that expands the senses of perception, emotion and action of the human being, motivating him to carry out kind actions by self-conviction. This means that it does not depend on guidelines or rules imposed by religious ministries.

Emuná and Faith

The kind actions we do out of conviction come from that faith in God’s commands. Emuná is the same faith, that spiritual force with which we are all born and that is said, we can also strengthen it.

One of the ways used by believers to increase their faith has been by studying biblical statutes through theology.

Another way is through experiences, and for many the most effective, because in this way you will be able to become stronger in spirit by testing your faith.

For example:

A football player becomes a professional through the many hours of practice, dedication and improvement of his gaming techniques. The same goes for our Emuná when we strengthen it through practice.

In conclusion, Emuná,rather than believing is knowing what to believe in. We can believe in things that are not beneficial to us, but we can also believe in good actions and principles that add to us individually and collectively.

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