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Definition of Equisde

Equisde is part of the different ways that exist to express laughter through the social networks RRSS, this famous word has become very recurrent when it comes to having a chat conversation on the different digital platforms. In this article you will know the true meaning of equisde, Let’s get started!

The meaning of equisde translates into the extension of the acronym XD, which means: laughing a lot or laughing. It is important to emphasize that this is a non-existent word in dictionaries, being exclusively used in RRSS.

Equisde Diversity

This word can also be associated to express that something is stupid, that it has been funny to you, or even that you don’t want to follow the conversation.

It’s a very similar term to the famous haha. The meaning of Equisde is so varied, it doesn’t matter in what context you decide to use it as it will never make you look bad.

To learn more about the use of the word equisde let’s look at some examples:

Example 1: Joke of two wolves in a conversation:

1: “Do you know what I’d like to call myself?

2: “I have no idea, what would that name you like so much like?

1: “Nito”

2: “Nito? Why is that?

Wolf 1: “For people to tell me; Wolf-Nito”. Equisde

In another context, Di Equisde is the stage name of Diego Mendieta famous Peruvian youtuber, who has more than two million subscribers and two hundred and fifty-six million views on his YouTube channel.

On October 8, 2016, he released a video called “Interested For Money” which became his most popular video so far, adding 15 million views.

In conclusion, we have understood what this word really means. It is of the utmost importance to understand the meaning of each word on social networks, this will certainly provide us with a better and more complete communication when using them.

If you’re one of those who have a hard time expressing themselves in networks, now you know that with only equisde it can convey your joys and emotions.

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