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Es que no me chupo ahí

Definition of Es que no me chupo ahí

Welcome. Here at, we have detected that the phrase “I don’t suck there” is looking for a lot and for this reason, here we will tell you what this phrase and its translation in Spanish means.

  1. No me chupo ahí traducción: “I can’t suck myself”
  2. El no me chupa ahí traducción: “He doesnt suck me there”
  3. Ella no me chupa ahí traducción: “She doesnt suck me there”

Chupar = Suck

Es que no me chupo ahi in English:

  1. I don’t suck there
  2. thing is that I can’t suck it there
  3. I don’t suck right there

Now you know what Es que no me chupo ahi meaning in spanish