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Definition of Examinación

The word Examinación is a noun derived from a verb, which can have several meanings; but in this case we will define it in the field of medicine. Here at , we will provide you with the meaning of Examinación. Let’s go there!

Examinación in the medical field means examining someone to investigate the state of their health, or to diagnose their general condition.

We can also say that the examination consists of obtaining useful data for a good diagnosis through certain complementary studies that guide health professionals in the detection of health problems.

Synonym of Examination: Evaluation, Checkup, Recognition, Analysis, Diagnosis

What Does Rehabilitation Examination Mean?

Since a patient in rehabilitation needs a constant update of their progress, an examination in rehabilitation is the process of periodic check-up for a good decision making.

In this way to be able to detect possible problems and thus find solutions in time; when the chances of a cure are greater.

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