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Fe de Erratas

If you have ever wondered what does fe de erratas mean? the Wan Shi Tong Library we tell you. 

The fe de erratas is a list that shows the end of a publication with the errata of the text and the different amendments that must be made.

  • It means fe de erratas those pages generally added in the final section of a book or publication to clarify the errata present involuntarily. 

Fe de Erratas concept 

The word faith is generally used to record something. For example, in the case of faith of life , reference is made to a legal document issued that records and certifies the existence of a person.

When we talk about typo, it means mistakes made in printed or hand-made material.

By joining both terms, fe de erratas, we confirm that there are errors in the content and indicate each of them with the aim of amending them.

What is fe de erratas and when is it used?

It is known as fe de erratas those evidences of errata regarding the writing, grammar and spelling of a publication highlighting the corrections that must be made.

It is created after the publication has been printed and is used to amend errata and to avoid the reprint process again. This could cause huge expenses especially for thick contents.   


Here are some examples of fe de erratas and its organization.

It is noted that in the present bibliographic content “Technological innovations of the XXI century” dated May 2008, the following errors are noted.

  1. Page 35;…, proven research shows that technologies can jeopardize the job stability of millions of people … this paragraph is not correct and should be replaced by the following: … research shows that technologies can jeopardize the job stability of millions of people…
  • Page 92; …, an innovative device with the capacity to detect the proximity of devastating events …, the word “innovative” is corrected below and would read as follows: … an innovative device with the capacity to detect the proximity of devastating events …
  • Page 65; … these advances are expected after the year 20020, where it is believed that…, the year referred to, 20020 by 2020, should be corrected as follows: … these advances are expected after the year 2020, where it is believed that…

Fe de erratas in official documents

The fe de erratas can also be used in official communications or documents already issued.

It is a new publication to clarify erroneous information that has already been shown and assumed by the people who have seen the statement. 

Consequently, a document is prepared that is sent by the same channel or channels used in the initial document, the erroneous points are specified, their respective amendments, and the communication is rewritten without errors.

Here we show you an example of fe de erratas in official documents issued by the Autonomous University of Mexico City.

Fe de erratas in the mail

The emails do not escape from a Fe de Erratas . They are used by adding the subject ” fe de erratas ” and then the errata and corrections present in a previously sent email are mentioned. 

It is an important tool (especially if it is a mailing fe de erratas ) because it shows a responsible and attentive character. This action helps to avoid unpleasant situations of loss of prestige, loss of confidence and sales.


It is necessary that you know the existence and meaning of an fe de erratas, an ideal option when observing important changes in your content. To err is human, for this simple reason the famous fe de erratas arise.