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Definition of Feca

The expression feca is an insult mostly used in Puerto Rico, to describe a person who boasts or pretends to be and possess something that he really does not have. This word indicates a lie, a conscious fiction.

The person described as feca is one who is incoherent between his real life and what he transmits in the content of his lyrics.

The term feca is one of the harshest expressions one person can say to another. People seek to get away from being described with this category that represents a huge discredit.

Within the reggaeton musical genre , the artist who dedicates himself to this style seeks to present himself to his peers as authentic and real, and confronts those who he considers to be a ” fequero “, that is, the person who boasts of something he does not have.

Uses of the expression “feca”

The expression feca within the lyrics of reggaetoneros is very common. For example, in the song “Toda” by Alex Rose , in one verse it says “ That bastard is feca and he doesn’t have what he appears to be, ” where we can see the meanings attributed to the term.

In the song “no feca” by Voltio , he appears as a way of differentiating himself from someone he insults, in the verse that says “Cardboard bichotes don’t put feka ma ‘, they don’t put feka ma” .

De La Ghetto along with  Miky Woodz and El Alfa , released the single “Feka” that says “To ‘tus pana’ are feka (okay) / To ‘yours are feka (how?) / Even the Yeezys are feka (uh ) / That role is feka (go ahead) ” .

Feca in Argentina

In Argentina, the expression “feca” is used among the young population to refer to friendly terms for coffee, the infusion. It is generally used to invite you to share a drink.