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Definition of Feka

Feka, used to refer to those people considered liars , with false appearances and whose statements are not consistent with reality.

A term from the English ” fake ” (false), and considered as a deformation or adaptation of it . This deformation was coined by Puerto Rican rappers who began using the word in the 90s.

Feka in rap, trap and freestyle  

If there is a word that tends to be repetitive within these musical genres, it is precisely this. This term refers to those considered traitors, false and liars, who claim to have been trained in “the street” but whose origin comes from more privileged places.

In music, to be feka is to lack your own identity, to adopt cultures or customs only for fashion, to show off or want others to like you. 

De la Ghetto and la Feka 

The American singer of Puerto Rican descent “De la Ghetto” released his long-awaited collaborative album entitled ” Los Chulitos “, it includes 18 songs, including ” Feka “, which he performs with El Alfa and Miky Woodz. The aforementioned album was released at the end of August 2020.

His single “ Feka” was released in October 2019, which was released simultaneously with the official video that has nearly 10 million views on YouTube. 

🎶🎵 To ‘your pana’ are feka (okay)

All yours are feka (how?)

Even the Yeezys are feka (uh)

Your box is hollow (Geezy)

Don’t snore me on the street (chuli gang)

Do not get me ‘in the feka (wuh !, Rra) 🎶🎵

The above is part of the lyrics of the song ” Feka” , considered as a prelude to the album. This issue refers to those people who live pretending to be or have more than they really have.