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Definition of Fielmente

Hello! We continue to Fielmente accompany you to make you know more content around those words and expressions of verbal communications. Now it is up to us to review the meaning and a little more about this loyal word. Lets Go!

According to the SAR, it is Fielmente defined as “with fidelity”. It’s the sovereign action not to break a promise. It is also expressed to refer to a person who has not defrauded the trust given to him. We invite you to learn more about this virtuous and emotional word!

Origin and Definition

Fielmente (flat word of three syllabs) is a modal adverb. Etymologically the word is composed of the adjective “Fiel” and the adverbial suffix “enter”, its original meaning is linked to a person’s loyalty to a king.

Fielmente (faithfully/in a faithful way) means when the fulfillment of a commitment is attested without distorting anything and preserving trust.

Celebrity Phrases

The word can Fielmente be used in different contexts, but it will never change its meaning itself. Here are some examples of sentences with this word, written by some recognized characters:

  • Let us Fielmente keep the hope we profess because it is faithful who has made the promise. Hebrews 10: 23 (verse drawn from the Bible)
  • Peace on earth, the supreme aspiration of all mankind throughout history, is undoubtedly not established or consolidated unless the order established by God is Fielmente respected. John XXIII
  • CEDA and radicals Fielmente fulfill the mandate of their masters, capitalists and landowners. They stain the task of suppressing the revolutionary movement with blood and fire and do not repair means. That’s his sad mission. José Díaz Ramos.
  • May the laws not be the martyrdom of customs, because the best institutions are those that Fielmente portray the genius of peoples. Nicolás Bravo, former president of Mexico.
  • By dreams I Fielmente believe that we all have a desire to achieve something, a goal, an idea, an inspiration, an originality… D.S Drwinland (extracted from the book Rock and Sand)

At Last

In our vocabulary, we have adopted words that we use very often but that we ignore their meaning and their true use, so we Fielmente believe that the valuable information in our library will always be very useful when it comes to expressing yourself. Come back soon!