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Definition of Ganga

Almost all of us have heard the word ganga, surely you too, right? although depending on the country where you are, it will have one or the other meaning. Next, The Wan Shi Tong Library will tell you everything you need to know about the meaning of ganga.

It is not difficult to start with a definition of ganga, in fact, to start we will give you 3 different meanings:

  1. The word Ganga is associated with any merchandise that is obtained or sold for less money than its real value or with less effort, either for its rarity, little use, or for its value for money.
  2. Ganga, is a bird similar to pigeons with a peculiar plumage to camouflage itself on the ground. There are many varieties in Asia, Europe and Africa, so chances are that if you are Latin American, you don’t know exactly what type of bird you are talking about.
  3. The Ganga is the useless material that is extracted from a mine together with useful materials, that is, that material or waste that is not worth the extraction or its use.

It is worth mentioning that the real origin of this word is not known, but depending on the age of the meanings, it is very possible that its origin comes from mining.

Origin of the famous phrase “This is a ganga

One of the most popular phrases around the world is “This is a ganga”, but where did this phrase originate from? From its definition in mining? From birds? We invite you to continue reading.

This phrase refers to things that are sold for less than the real value, and therefore ” gangas must be exploited .”

It is said that many years ago, ganga birds were very popular in Spain, and they were brought to the market to be sold, but since this type of meat was quite hard, the price of it was always lower than that of other meats, like chicken and turkey.

For the above, back then mentioning that “this is a ganga” meant that the food was not of good quality, that it had a low price.

From there derives the term of ganga as anything with a lower value than the rest, over time this definition for meats began to adapt to all items that shared the characteristics.

Some definitions of Ganga in various countries

  • U.S. Puerto Rico: In these countries, Ganga is a gang of criminals and comes from the English “gang”.
    • The word “Gang” comes from the old Nordic “gangr” which means group, and from the Germanic “gang” which means march, which in turn comes from the French “gangue” which has its definition in mining.
  • Cuba : In Cuba the word “Ganga” refers to a type of bird in the curlew family. It is worth mentioning not to confuse this type of bird with the one mentioned above since they are totally different.
  • Chile : In Chile Ganguear is speaking with the nose, that is, with the mouth covered.
  • Mexico : In Mexico this word can refer to a mockery or mockery

You already know what Ganga means