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Definition of Garche

Garche is a slang expression, very rude, that is used frequently in several Latin American countries. In general, it refers to a very fiery sexual relationship , only of a sexual nature, without involving feelings or establishing any commitment.

Also, by extension, “fuck” is given the meaning of ” scam “. Other uses of the term “garche” are to describe things of very poor quality or manufacture; or to point out a despicable person .

Let’s look at some examples of how Latin Americans use the word garche: “I had a good fuck with her last night.” “I’m fucking Pilar.” “I’m going to fuck you until you break in two or I drop my cock.” “They fucked me with the payment for the car I sold them.” “That guy is a garche, he is not trustworthy.” “They sold me some furniture that breaks easily, they are a garche.”

Different definitions of Garche according to its origin

In different countries, “garchar” has a meaning that varies a little from one to another, let’s see some synonyms for garche depending on the place where it is said:

In Argentina you can fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck. Also fuck, take advantage and scam.

The Chilean used as synonyms for Garche step, catch, culiar, throw his dust.

In Colombia , words that also mean to fuck are used, such as fucking, jopping, giving him by the asshole. A variation would be to have oral sex.

Culiar or avetar is another way of saying fuck in the Dominican Republic , also fuck, shave, have sex, give maraca.

The Ecuadorians say that garchar is the same as culiar, fuck, grab, penetrate, nailing, Cachar, entucar, chingar scoring bullet, singar, flirt, strikeout, trinchar, Guishi Guishi.

Latin Americans have picturesque ways of saying things, with words that are not part of the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Language, and the word, “garche” is one of them.