Gistro amarillo is a reminiscence that awakens the memory of many. However, there are others who did not even know about the past record and are currently wondering what is the meaning of this expression? We tell you below.

First of all, Gistro is a word widely used by reggaeton singers to refer to the characteristic female underwear known as thong , which leaves the rear area almost exposed.

Gistro Origin 

Like many words of the urban genre, this is another expression that also emerges from the Castilianized English. In this case, g-string is an English term that is commonly defined as a thong . Its pronunciation is phonologically similar to Gistro or yistro . Hence its origin.

Gistro amarillo is a word that is frequently used in reggaeton letters to admire the visibility of yellow underwear for women.

We leave you part of the lyrics of gistro amarillo:

Watch it, which is bordering on the corillo

Show me the gistro amarillo

It’s simple, cool the underpants

And it feels good, it feels good (Oh-oh)

Wisin and Ozuna – Gistro Amarillo

Gistro amarillo is also titled the well- known song by singer Wisin released in 2004 along with his album the survivor . 

But now, this theme has been reborn, as Wisin has just created a novel version of Gistro Amarillo together with one of the most successful urban music performers of the decade, Ozuna .

The new song by Wisin and Ozuna Gistro Amarillo, already has an official video on the different platforms and the followers recall the old reggaeton melody along with today’s rhythms.

You already know what Gistro amarillo means , or maybe we will help you remember it … Anyway , this window is vigilant to show you the definitions of those words and expressions that make you curious.