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Definition of Goal

It is the result or achievement towards which the effort towards a goal is directed, although this is not all that goal means.

The word gol appears in a poem from the early 14c. Perhaps from Old English *gal “obstacle, barrier”, an implicit word in gælan “to hinder”. Or the old French “a pole” gaule, from the Germanic; or a figurative use of the gale of Middle English “a way, course”.

Other definitions of goal:

  1. The sporty feeling of the “place where the ball is placed to score” is attested from the 1540s.
  2. The act of throwing, carrying, kicking, driving, etc., a ball or puck in such an area or object.
  3.  An area, basket, cage, or other object or structure toward or into which players in various games attempt to throw, carry, kick, hit, or handle a ball, puck, etc., to score a point or points.

You already know the meaning of goal.