Did they ever call you Golosa or Goloso?… If they did, but you didn’t know what they meant, you’re in the right place. Que-quiere-decir.com will tell you the meaning of Golosa below.

The first meaning of Golosa refers to people who love sweets and goodies, who are gluttonous or who have a large appetite, although this is not all that golosa means .

In reference to the above, golosa is an adjective used to describe those people “gluttonous” and / or who like big things.

Examples the different concepts of the word golosa used in a sentence:

  • Stop eating so many sweets that you will get sick for golosa.
  • My friend is a golosa, because she only looks at the size … you understand.
  • In a job in the Dominican Republic with a very golosos salary.

You know what golosa means.