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Definition of Gooba

Surely you already heard the Tekashi 6ix9ine video clip titled “Gooba” and like most, you are wondering what does Gooba mean in Spanish?… Here at The Wan Shi Tong Library we will tell you the meaning of GOOBA and some curiosities.

The word Gooba can have several meanings, but they all have a similar concept. Gooba can be synonymous with confused, silly, or relaxed.

In the colloquial aspect, the expression “Gooba” means “I have no idea”.

What do you think of 6ix9ine’s girlfriend?
– Gooba …

Another definition of Gooba tells us that he is a relaxed person, a bit joking and annoying.

Mario is very Gooba, but he is a good person.

You know what Gooba means in Spanish.