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Definition of Guaremate

Guaremate, a word that is often used in the urban language, so surely you have heard it many times, but … still you wonder what guaremate means right? You do not worry, because next will tell you the meaning of guaremate .

Guaremate In Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic the word guaremate is used to define those people who are used to run errands. Some people often use this word to refer to people without loyalty who are able to sell a friend for their own benefit.

Now we will show some examples of how to use this word in a sentence:

  • Tell the guaremate de carlos to buy me something at the grocery store.
  • Judas is a first class guaremate.
  • I’m going to bring 2000 pesos to the guaremates in my neighborhood.

Guaremate in Colombia

In Colombia, the word guaremate means anyone who acts as a messenger, an errand boy, who runs errands or runs errands. He is also called a skater.

Origins of the word Guaremate

The word guaremate has been used for a long time in the guard. The guaremate is the assistant to some commander or superior chief, head of the table or anyone above his charge, he is in charge of running errands regarding food and in many places he is also in charge of cleaning the dining room.

In business language, the guaremate is known as a lobbyist or person dedicated to obtaining works and contracts for multinational companies. The company guaremates receive large amounts of money to carry out their work, because to get the job done they must go deep, and if necessary, get a bribe.

Guaremate skills needed

The Guaremate, despite being a person who is in charge of doing small errands for others, getting jobs, among other things, must possess certain skills, knowledge or techniques to be able to carry out their work, among the most important to mention are:

  • Efficacy at work
  • Knowledge of the context in which you are working
  • Social communication skills, such as persuasion
  • At least a little insightful
  • Cautious