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Definition of Guayar

Guayar is a verb that has different meanings that depend on the semantic and territorial contexts in which the word is used. Next we will use synonyms to define the meaning of Guayar.

Synonyms of Guayar

Guayar is grating

The first meaning is typical of the areas of Central America and is used as a synonym for grating, that is, grinding, mainly food, with a grater or damaging a surface with a sharp, rough element or that has the possibility of tattooing or marking. Thus, it can be used in phrases such as:

  •  “You must cool the cheese” / “You must grate the cheese”
  • “They’ve gotten my hood cool” / “I’ve got my hood scratched.”

Guayar is to be wrong

Guayar, is also usually conjugated in different areas of Latin America to refer to the act of making a mistake or erring. Thus, cool refers to a time when things do not go as expected, for example:

  • “She was cool” / “she was wrong”
  • “He always loves singing” / “He always makes mistakes singing”.

Guayar is crying

Another meaning of the term guayar, is to cry, lament or suffer a very great pain, in this way it is used particularly in Venezuela. The origin of this use is onomatopoeic, that is, it arises from the sound of crying “cool, llay”. In this case it could be used in the following ways:

  • “No more cool” / “No more cry”
  • Are you guayando for that asshole? / Are you crying for that asshole?

Guayar is dancing

The term guayar, also refers to the act of dancing closely or very together, this significance is promoted by some songs of different Latin genres.

For a long time, different songs with rhythms such as merengue, reggaeton, trap and the like; they have generally included the term to refer to close dancing between two people.

The word “guayar” can be found in these songs conjugated in different ways, namely, as guayando, guaya, guayar, among others. Some phrases of this type would be:

  • “Let’s go cool” / “let’s dance”
  • “Tonight there is guaya” / “tonight there is dancing”