The word Guille is a popular word in the world of Dominican urban music, but you probably don’t know what Guille really means . Next in we will tell you what is meaning of Guille and what is its origin.

The word Guille2 is a colloquial term widely used in the streets of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. This term has several meanings according to its context.

The meaning of Guille best known is what defines the word as “Wanting to appear something that is not.”

The way this word is generally used is with the expression “Guillarse de”.

It is said that when someone pretends to be what he is not, he is “guillo de”, for example someone who pretends to have money is a “guilla de rico”.

In other contexts Guille Means “Go unnoticed”, many people use the word guille as a synonym for not being noticed.

For example, someone who managed to go unnoticed in a given situation refers to himself as “Guba.”

Another possible meaning of Guille is “Walking without worries.” This definition, although less used, is also part of what Guille means.


In the world of music the Word Guille also makes an appearance, for example in the song “Guille” of the Puerto Rican singer Farruko in collaboration with Daddy Yanque.

“I upload the music that plays

The horns burn

Ando Guillao Guillao ”


Examples :

As we already know There are several possible meanings for this word, next we will show how Guille is used according to its context.

  • Pedro is guillao de Gangster  – Pedro is pretending to be a criminal.
  • I’m guillate without anyone knowing – I’m going unnoticed and nobody notices.
  • Tamo guillao tonight’s party – We’re carefree on this party night.