The word Gyal is a Caribbean adaptation of the English “girl”, to say girl or young woman.

The term Gyal is an abbreviation that English speakers use for how the term “girl” is heard, and is used mainly to refer to a girl in a friendly way.

The use of this word has become popular in Spain, and in the United States some popular music artists include the term in their songs. However, the massive use of the term is found in most of the Latin American countries, where Trap music has included it in their songs.

Within the reggae music genre, gyal means babylon girl, a term criticized within Rastafarian culture.

Gyal in the trap

The expression Gyal is very common among the songs of the Trap musical genre throughout Latin America.

In general, the use of this term is carried out by young people from popular sectors, although from the popularity of Trap, it appears used among the population of large cities.

Renowned artist , Sebastían Yatra , includes the term in his hit song Ideal Girl :

I want a girl, I want a gya l / I want a woman who is very special / I want a lady who knows how to love me / And of course you know wagging, oh yeah / I want a girl, I want a gyal .

The word Gyal also refers to a small town in Hungary, originally known as “Gayul”.

Synonyms of Gyal

  • Girl
  • Lady
  • Female

Other meanings that may be of interest: