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Definition of Hater

Hater is an English word that translates to Spanish as ‘ hater’, a person ‘ who hates’ or ‘ who hates’, depending on the context in which it is used.

Likewise, the term can also be adapted to Spanish as ‘envious’, ‘hateful’ or ‘abhorrent’. Its plural is haters.

The haters are characterized by people hostile, and mostly show attitudes negative for any scenario.

In the Spanish language, this Anglicism is increasingly used when referring to haters on social networks, there the adjective has gained much popularity.

Haters on social media

The haters on social networks are eventually gains more strength, becoming a phenomenon that particularly affects the younger population to being the most vulnerable.

Haters generally use negative and critical comments to address a specific person or topic in order to damage reputation.

Haters on Netflix

Hater is a film released on the famous Netflix platformon July 31, 2019, being one of the most watched films throughout the month of August since its release date.