In several countries throughout the globe, there are people who identify themselves as “heavy”; A term that translated from literal English means “heavy,” but heavy is not exactly all that this rich word represents at the cultural and social level. Next we will show you what Heavy means and what its origins are in the counterculture.

The origin of Heavy comes from the English word “Heavy”, an expression that is generally used as a short form of pronouncing the term “Heavy Metal”.

Heavy Metal is a musical genre derived from rock, born in the early 70s.

This genre is mainly characterized by the sound of distorted guitars, hence its name “heavy metal”.

Heavy metal has transcended among its listeners as culture and way of life, in many countries these listeners are called “heavy.”

In this way the meaning of Heavy is “Person who belongs to the culture of heavy metal. 

It should be noted that this culture usually has certain characteristic features, which identifies its followers in a particular way.

It is generally said that being heavy involves wearing black, wearing heavy metal bands, leaving long hair and other features.

In summary, being Heavy is synonymous with being a Metalero or a heavy metal fan, Below we will show a practical example of the meaning of heavy.

Carlitos is very heavy indeed . – Carlitos is a fan of heavy metal to the truth.

Meaning of Heavy in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic the urban singer Lápiz conscious released a musical theme called “Tamo Heavy”.

In this song the pencil refers to the Dominican idiom “jevy” that means “Be cool or cool” but with the English term “Heavy” since both words are pronounced identically.