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Hija Putativa

Definition of Hija Putativa

Possibly they have told you Hija Putativa, or you have heard someone say it and you have not had the slightest idea what they are talking about, but do not worry, here at we will tell you the meaning of Hija Putativa.

Putativa comes from the Latin putativus and means “reputed” or “considered”. Therefore, when a person has a Hija Putativa, they are giving him a value that is not entirely “real”.

A Hija Putativa, is that girl who is appreciated as a real daughter, even if she is not legally, nor does she carry the same blood. Hence we say that he is “considering” it as something that is not really.

After reading the meaning of Hija Putativa, we will know that although the phrase sounds somewhat ugly, those who are called Hija Putativa should feel proud, since this certifies the affection they have earned.

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